Doors with Platbands

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Doors with Platbands

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When modern technologies are combined with expertise, a new, improved product comes on stream. Just like the one that Artarena doors offers.

Our solutions are based on the latest developments and achievements in the furniture industry while also focusing on quality and functionality.

What makes Artarena doors different from other manufacturers?

  • Sustainable doors that meet Е1, a key emissions standard for furniture in Europe.
  • Only solid piece of softwood, which creates a superior product in terms of resistance to moisture and temperatures and contributes to enhanced noise insulation.
  • Hidden aluminum door frames for maximum reliability.
  • Sizes in the range of up to 2900 mm in height and 900 mm in width.
  • 17 types of veneer wood. 30 standard colors, glossy or frosted glass. 120 HPL decor options.
  • Manufacture and installation within 35 days.
  • An in-house team of professional furniture fitters.

Feel the benefits of hidden monolithic doors thanks to Artarena doors.