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We are young, goal-oriented, and audacious. Therefore, the story of Artarena will be the same.

Over 7 years of experience in the furniture industry, we have realized one key thing: our customer is our friend, the best critic, and teacher. It is he/she who knows best what any business wants. Therefore, our business concept is built on a simple rule – to become as efficient and useful as possible.

Based on our vast expertise in the furniture industry, we created the Artarena platform where:

  • the entire process starting from manufacturing to installation takes no more than 35 days
  • we make a complete line of cabinet-type furniture for any design project (kitchen/ dining room/ bedroom/ dressing room furniture)
  • Artarena doorsare made of solid wood in an all-aluminum flush-mounted frame
  • the manufacturing process and materials meet the E1 environmental standard
  • we set no limits when it comes to customer requirements for dimensions and materials
  • we provide complete flexibility and adaptability for individual orders
  • we have an in-house team of fully trained and qualified specialists to provide ArtArena furniture assembly services
  • pliancy of mind and ardor of the heart, based on our expertise, helped us make our Artarena brand convenient and useful at the same time for both designers and housewives.

Do people have enough spare time today?

We, at Artarena, are convinced that no, they don’t.

This is why in our factories we manufacture a complete line of cabinet-type furniture for any design project.

What are the benefits of this approach?

  • Our designer will help you choose furniture items for your premises or for a single room and show you a 3D rendering of the future project
  • You can order customized sizes and style of your kitchen cabinets and dressing room designs, as well as original materials and accessories.
  • We make 100% sure that the pieces of furniture you chose are all in the same style regardless of the number of separate orders or the time when each of the orders was made.
  • We offer more than 50 types of unique materials of the highest quality with German accessories.
  • We offer a seven-year warranty + one-year after-sales support.
  • It takes 35 days to manufacture and install the entire furniture set.
  • Trained and qualified specialists providing Artarena furniture assembly services
  • Saving your personal time and effort.

Use your personal time profitably! Artarena will take care of the rest.