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We have been in the furniture industry for 7 years. And our customers are always looking to buy a perfect bed that would meet all their requirements and price expectations. That is why we decided to design and manufacture our own beds with all the details that, in our opinion, the present-day furniture production is so short of, and make them meet our production standards and European quality.

What are the benefits?

  • You can order a bed based on your own unique preferences. Choose materials and desired functionality based on your budget and the interior of the bedroom.
  • The body of beds is made of highly certified PU, which is hypoallergenic and meets all European environmental standards. No chipboard or glue is used.
  • Italian textile materials of premium quality. (The fabrics used for beds have been tested for usability and durability of 50,000 wash cycles).
  • You can order a bed with the lifting mechanism of the European quality or with the built-in storage for bed linens.
  • A customer-focused service system that helps our customers save time. The entire workflow (development, production, and installation) takes up to 30 days.
  • A warranty of 1.5 years.

Feel all the benefits of comfortable sleep with Artarena.